What Is The Correct Way To Breathe?

Since your childhood, you have been told of the so-called proper ways of doing certain things. You are taught the proper way of sitting, standing and walking. In other cases, you are also taught of the proper way to eat, talk and act in specific situations. Most of these are actually about posture and etiquette. But do you also know that there is actually a proper way of breathing? Yes, for all intents and purposes, there is a proper way of breathing.

Doctors agree that what is called as diaphragmatic breathing is the proper way of pulling in to and letting out of air air through your lungs. Your diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle just below your rib cage. It is a muscle that separates your chest area from your digestive system. When you breathe with your diaphragm, it means that you are pushing down your diaphragm every time you inhale. This is a more correct and preferred way of breathing than actually enlarging the chest bone.

Diaphragmatic breathing entails the intake of shallow breaths when you are at rest, meaning when you are not engaged in any physical activity. Do not take in deep breaths because you would not be able to control the amount of air you breathe in as well as the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. Breathing improperly therefore can lead to problems related to over intake of oxygen and unsatisfactory expulsion of carbon dioxide. This can disrupt the whole cycle of your respiratory system.

When you breathe improperly, you would be inclined to release too much carbon dioxide and your red blood cells will be restraining the oxygen they have in them that can be used by your other organs. That is why you have to be mindful of how you breathe.

It is quite surprising that there is actually a proper way of doing something that comes very naturally to you. Every time you breathe, you can admit that you do not really mind how you do it. You do not consider what part of your respiratory system expands and which one collapses. But this time, you are being suggested to mind how you breathe. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are very much important in ensuring that you continue living. Therefore, inhaling too much and exhaling just as much would prove to be fatal as your organs may not get enough oxygen they need to function properly and healthily. If you want to know more about the correct way of breathing, you can ask advice from your trusted osteopath.